Malaysia – Withdrawing your EPF

Leaving the Country Withdrawal

MalaysiaIf you have worked in Malaysia, you may have accumulated EPF (Employees Provident Fund is also known as Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja) during your employment. EPF is intended to protect your interest beyond your working life – equivalent to what is known as superannuation in Australia. What you have saved through your EPF contributions is supposed to provide financial security for you when you are retired and no longer employed.

But what happens if you have left and no longer live in Malaysia?

Withdrawing your EPF can be a fairly straightforward process if you were a Malaysian citizen but you have since renounced your citizenship, or if you were a foreign worker in Malaysia but you have now left Malaysia. For anyone now living in Sydney who still has an EPF account in Malaysia, we can assist you by notarising copies of the documents that you must submit as part of your application to withdraw your EPF. For example, aside from your application form, you may also need to provide copies of your renunciation confirmation letters, copies of your passports or identity cards, or certified copies of any other original identification or official notification that you may have received at the time.

Please check the specific requirements for a successful application and confirm what documents need to be notarised by a public notary (notari awam) before making an appointment. We are unable to provide any advice regarding the requirements or the process for EPF withdrawal and you should direct all enquiries to the Employees Provident Fund. Understanding the process and what documents must be submitted as part of your application and which of those documents must be notarised will help you get the most value from your visit to our office.