Changes to Divorce Application filing fees

Fees increase from 1 January 2013

From 1 January 2013, the Family Court and Family Magistrate Court filing fees for divorce applications will increase from $550 to $800. However, if you have certain government concession cards or you can demonstrate financial hardship, you can still apply for concessions or a reduced fee.

Even though our professional fees remain unchanged, the increase in the filing fees for divorce applications simply means you need to adjust your budget – and if you’re still undecided, be aware that the next scheduled fee increase will take place on 1 July 2014.

On a side note, did you know that it is still cheaper to get married than to get a divorce? The filing fee for the Notice of Intended Marriage is currently $151, and while the ceremony is as much as you want to spend – a simply registry wedding will set you back $350-$445 (including the filing fee for the Notice of Intended Marriage).

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A personal invitation

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Before choosing any professional adviser, I encourage you to base your decision on more than just a price. Price does not always equate to value, service or long term cost savings – and not every lawyer you speak to will have the ‘bedside manner’, empathy or commitment necessary to help you on this challenging journey.

With Phang Legal, you benefit from practical and cost effective advice, recommendations and solutions. My aim is that we will be one of your most trusted and valued professional advisers. My team’s dedication to service and results means you will enjoy confidence and peace of mind while we look after what’s best for you and those important to you. Living through a relationship breakdown is difficult, and normally obtaining legal advice and support is an expensive exercise. My hope is our professional advice and objective opinion will help steady you during this difficult time – after all, even if your relationship is over, you’re still entitled to be treated fairly and with respect.

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