I want to get back together!

Relationships are complicated and marriage is no different. This makes it really hard sometimes to identify when a relationship is over.

We recently had a client who wanted to get back together with his wife. They had been married for several years and had a child together. They had a big argument. She then left the family home, stayed with some relatives, and stopped him from seeing his child. She also went to the police and made a complaint about her husband.

The complaint was serious enough to make the police take action and shortly after, the client was given papers indicating that an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order was being taken out against him.

Despite this situation the client wanted to get back together with his wife. It didn’t help either that from a cultural perspective separation was simply not an option that was readily available to the two of them. However the issue still remains: there has been a break-down in the relationship, there is a fear held by one party of violence, and there has been restriction of access to the children by one party in the relationship.

This is not an unusual situation and certainly there have been relationship break downs over much worse. However reconciliation in these circumstances is still difficult. There is no easy way to fix this – and a failure to address the underlying issues is will likely bring problems in the future. You may put yourself in a situation where you might inadvertently hurt any legal case in the future.

If you are facing a relationship breakdown you must consider if it’s something that can be fixed or not – and you must make a decision before it gets worse or before you put yourself in a situation that is unfavourable to you. Sometimes it’s best to let it go. Sometimes the two of you can work it out through family therapy.

Whatever the case is, if you do come to us, we’ll do our best to help you out.

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