Appearing on Channel 7 with Kochies Business Builders

If you didn’t see it on TV (who watches TV these days anyway?), I appeared as a guest expert on Kochies Business Builders on Channel 7, 23 November 2014.

If you want to know more about Kochies Business Builders, check out their website by clicking the link below or watch their vide on Youtube:

In this segment of the show, I provided advice and tips about brand protection and trade mark registration to a business known as ‘Sweet Connoisseur’, run by Bill and Fiona Penrose. Bill is a pastry chef and has been running his business for over 10 years. In the past, he attempted to register a trade mark but received an opposition from another business overseas because his proposed logo actually copied theirs! Fortunately, Bill was able to resolve those issues without too much hassle.

Skip ahead to the present, Bill and Fiona have once again started to explore their options and have considered registering a trade mark to protect their business brand. That’s where I come in.

At Phang Legal, we assist small business with their brand and trade mark protection is what we do – whether that’s in relation to just providing advice, registering their trade mark, or assisting them in dealing with infringements.


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