Webpoll – Introducing Webinars and Online Video Meetings

We’re currently looking at different ways of communicating with you. You might already follow us through social media or receive our monthly newsletter (click here to subscribe), and that’s great and it shouldn’t change!

However, now we’re looking at different ways of embracing technology to extend our service offering and to make it easier and more convenient for us to serve you.

Webinars and online video meetings are in!

We know there are benefits of using this technology. Webinars will help us present information to a wider audience, and help bring us, our information and our advice, straight to you wherever you may be. Online video meetings can do away with the need to meet face-to-face, and the logistical issues associated with that such as the hassles of travel/parking so that we can still meet from the convenience of your own office or home.

To help us decide whether there is a demand for this technology right now and we should be implementing it straight away, we have prepare a quick poll and would be very grateful for your feedback.

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