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Even if you have previously submitted your information, please re-submit your information here when requested as it will also assist us in keeping our records current and up-to-date.

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    Do you operate a business and you want all accounts to be issued to that business?
    Complete this part ONLY IF you represent a business (ie, the business is the client) AND you want all tax invoices/receipts issued to that business. If you want all tax invoices/receipts issued to you personally, do not complete this part and select 'No' to the question above.
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    Appointments are usually on the hour or every half-hour. This means we've done our best to squeeze you in between appointments because of your urgent request. You may have to wait as other pre-existing appointments will take priority. We'll attempt to see you as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding
    Are you waiting inside/outside our office?
    Everyone who requires legal services or notary services must complete their details on this form as well.
    If other people are attending this appointment/consulation, they must complete their details on this form as well.

    Legal Service Request

    Why are you visiting us?
    What is the intended destination country for your documents? (ie, where are you sending your documents even if they must go to DFAT or the consulate/embassy first?)

    COVID-19 Questionnaire

    To your knowledge, in the last 14 days have you been in contact with someone who has tested positive to COVID-19 or who is/has been in self-isolation due to COVID-19?
    Are you currently experiencing any flu like symptoms?
    If you've been identified as a contact, you're awaiting test results, or you're feeling unwell, please be considerate and cancel your appointment until you're clear or at least until you're feeling better.
    Regardless of government regulation or requirements, we still encourage you to wear a face mask while in our office. If you are wearing a face mask during your appointment, we may ask you to remove it briefly for identification purposes.
    Our team is fully vaccinated and will be wearing face masks while serving you. We have implemented these measures for your safety and peace of mind. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

    Upload your identification document

    Provide a copy of your passport or Australian photograph ID (ie, driver's licence or photocard). DO NOT UPLOAD A PHOTO OF YOURSELF (SELFIE).
    Size limit: 5MB (PDF or JPG/JPEG files only)

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    The information that you provide in this form (or in the equivalent manual form) is for our administration purposes only. We use this information to open a file for you and to provide you with a range of relevant professional legal services. We acknowledge that this information is personal to you and confidential. We are also obliged to keep it private and confidential at all times.

    If you have any concerns or questions regarding why we need your information and what we do with it, please contact our director, Ern Phang on +61 2 9687 8885 or contact us.