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Phang Legal provides cost effective litigation and dispute resolution services

Our experienced practitioners offer litigation and dispute resolution services through Parramatta Local Court and the District Court in Parramatta. If you are owed money, if you owe money or if you have a dispute with someone, we will provide you with legal advice and representation to protect your legal rights and entitlements – whether through alternative dispute resolution methods such as negotiation, mediation or facilitation, or by litigation/court action through the court system.

Our relationships with law firms in other countries and notary public services also mean that we can assist you if your dispute relates to international transactions or involves subject matters in other jurisdictions.

Agency Fixed Fees, Confidence, Prompt Reporting

If you require representation in court only, we also provide fixed agency fees, but more importantly
we provide tailored solutions to satisfy your budget and requirements.
You will be confident knowing that we proactively protect your interests by providing crucial information and providing assessments so that you can advise and obtain instructions from your client.

We report promptly by email (report attached as PDF file) or by facsimile depending on your preference with the aim towards ‘same-day’ reporting. Our solicitor agent will also provide up to date reporting by telephone during court proceedings to ensure that you are kept informed of developments as and when they happen. Our reliability, and prompt and concise reporting speak for themselves.

receive regular instructions from law firms in Sydney CBD, regional areas and interstate – we even appear as agents for other law firms in the Parramatta area, which is testament to our cost effective quality service. You will also find our agent solicitors and advocates to be highly rated as our agency
clients continue to grow. Contact us and speak to Ern Phang if you have any questions
regarding our agency services or you would like to obtain a quote.

Small Claims Litigation

Our extensive experience and proven expertise in small claims litigation and debt recovery means we are able to provide you with cost effective and practical solutions to your disputes. We incorporate our litigation experience and alternative dispute resolution understanding to ensure successful and speedy resolutions without breaking your budget.