Family Law

Family Law

Our Family Law practice area covers a range of common issues faced by people and their families. When you are going through difficult times with those closest to you, you need someone who understands the emotional and social challenges of family disputes while being able to provide an objective perspective and professional advice at the same time.

Areas of Expertise in Family Law

  • Our experienced family lawyers help you through the legal aspects of separation and divorce. Benefit from our family law experience and expertise.

    Understanding your rights and responsibilities when you separate will help you make decisions as to what is best for you and your family – even if you are able to reconcile your relationship. We help couples in de-facto relationships, domestic relationships and married couples work through their issues to outline all the outcomes and determine which is best or most suitable.

    We can guide you through the legal process of divorce ensuring that you satisfy the legal requirements and that your application can be handled in the fastest way with the least amount of complication and cost. If you and your spouse agree to divorce, we can help both of you process the legal documentation quickly and easily.

    Regardless of your situation, we will advise whether you must attend mediation or counselling services, and explain the issues that will affect your rights in relation to your property and your children. Our goal is to minimise any emotional stress or trauma to you and your family.

  • Children are unfortunately the innocent victims of relationship disputes and family breakdowns. Disagreements about parenting arrangements can be emotionally stressful and traumatic for your children. Our experienced family lawyers help you and your family develop parenting arrangements too protect the best interests of your children.

  • Aside from parenting issues, property issues generally dominate most relationship disputes. Property settlements arising from separation or divorce can be extremely difficult emotionally, mentally and physically.

    Our experienced family lawyers help you understand your rights and entitlement with a view to resolving any dispute without court action.

  • Binding Financial Agreements can be used before, during and even after your marriage or de-facto relationship. A financial agreement will determine how the assets of your relationship will be divided between you and your partner if your relationship ends. The key to any financial agreement (including a pre-nuptial agreement) is in its legal drafting. Carefully prepared financial agreements are clear and without ambiguity to minimise the risk of challenges to its validity in the future.

    Our experienced family lawyers understand the complexity of the legislation surrounding binding financial agreements and can ensure your rights are taken into account in the event of separation.

Our experienced family lawyers help you understand your legal rights and responsibilities in the context of your situation. They will outline the options available to you and make recommendations based on what is in your best interests, what is realistically achievable, what would likely be the least stressful or traumatic, and what fits within your budget.

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