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Family Law

Helping you through tough times

Our Family Law practice area covers a range of common issues faced by people and their families.

When you’re going through challenges with those closest to you, you need someone who understands the emotional and social challenges. Our professional advice provides an empathetic, but also objective, perspective on family disputes. 

Areas of Expertise in Family Law

Our experienced family lawyers help you understand your legal rights and responsibilities in the context of your situation.

They’ll outline the options available to you and make recommendations based on:

  • What’s in your best interests,
  • What’s realistically achievable,
  • What would likely be the least stressful or traumatic, and
  • What fits within your budget.

For more information regarding our family law legal services, please contact our Parramatta office.


Carina Yap, Lawyer
Carina Yap
Mei Phang, Lawyer / Office Manager
Mei Phang

A personal invitation

It’s personal because if it’s important to you, then it’s important to us too.

With Phang Legal, you benefit from empathetic advice, cost-effective recommendations and practical solutions. My aim is that we’ll be one of your most trusted and valued professional advisers. My team’s dedication to personal service and realistic results means you enjoy confidence and peace of mind. Let us look after your best interests, as well as those of your family and friends.

To know more about our lawyers or our services, please call my Parramatta office on +61 2 9687 8885, message us, or email us. On behalf of my team and I, we look forward to being of service.

Ern Phang
Principal Lawyer & Notary Public