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Personal Legal Matters

Caring for you and your family is our priority. Our empathic lawyers guide you through some of life’s toughest issues in the most difficult times.
  • Conveyancing and Property Law. We help you buy and sell property in New South Wales. Whether it’s to do with your dream home or long term investment, our lawyers prepare or review the legal contracts, guide you through and look after the conveyancing process, as well as identify and advise you on the risks and pitfalls of the property transaction.
  • Wills and Estates. Estate planning is a challenge that everyone faces sooner or later. Our lawyers guide you through the legal and social issues in writing your Will, preparing an Enduring Power of Attorney or Enduring Guardianship, and look after the legal process in applying for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration.
  • Family Law and Relationship Issues. When you experience difficulties in your relationship, our lawyers can guide you through the legal issues relating to separation, divorce, parenting and financial settlements. We’re you’re empathetic professional adviser when you’re going through emotionally challenging situations.
  • Surrogacy Arrangements and Parentage Orders. Our lawyers have been helping hopeful parents with surrogacy issues even before the introduction of the Surrogacy Act. Whether you’re an intended parent or a surrogate mother, we assist you in preparing or reviewing the surrogacy arrangement, provide independent legal advice and certification where required, and help you apply for the parentage order.
Mei Phang, Lawyer / Office Manager
Mei Phang
Ern Phang, Director
Ern Phang

A personal invitation

It’s personal because if it’s important to you, then it’s important to us too.

With Phang Legal, you benefit from empathetic advice, cost-effective recommendations and practical solutions. My aim is that we will be one of your most trusted and valued professional advisers. My team’s dedication to personal service and realistic results means you will enjoy confidence and peace of mind while we look after your best interests, as well as those of your family and friends.

If you want to know more about Phang Legal, our lawyers or our services, please call my Parramatta office on +61 2 9687 8885 or email me here.

On behalf of my team and I, we look forward to being of service.

Ern Phang
Principal Lawyer & Notary Public