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Privacy Statement

Your privacy and confidentiality are important to us

We’re committed to protecting your privacy and your confidential information.

We acknowledge that all information you provide to us is confidential and we won’t release it to anyone without your instructions or permission (unless required to by law). If you’re our client, then the information you provide to us may also be protected by legal professional privilege.

Why do we collect your information?

We collect your information to:

  • properly identify you to know who we’re dealing with (if you’re a client);
  • provide notary public and professional legal services (if you’re a client);
  • maintain and manage our client information and file records (if you’re a client);
  • retain information for legal and government reporting purposes (if you’re a client);
  • respond to enquiries and requests for information (if you’re just visiting); and
  • for our own web development purposes (if you’re just visiting).

Government reporting

In certain transactions, we’re required to collect and retain your information and your documents on behalf of Australian (state and federal) government departments and agencies for reporting, compliance and auditing purposes. We may be required to release your information and your documents to those departments and agencies without your further instructions or permission.

Notary public services

If we’ve notarised your documents, we may be required to provide your notarised documents (or copies of those documents) to Australian (state and federal) government departments and agencies, foreign government departments and agencies or the intended recipient of the notarised documents to verify or confirm that we notarised those documents.

Where do we store your information?

We store all information on servers in our Parramatta office at 6/83 George Street, Parramatta NSW 2150 and in the cloud with Google. For more information, please see “How Google protects your organization’s security and privacy

Contact us

For further information regarding our privacy statement, please contact us.